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4  Supporting utilities

4.1  GlobuleUtil

The globuleutil section is used to convert a report-log, as found in the .htglobule directory of origin web-sites into access-log files. Multiple report-log and Apache access-log can be merged and sorted on the fly.

The GlobuleUtil program is discussed in more detail in section 3.4.3.

4.2  GlobuleCtl

The globulectl script is installed along with the Globule module. It serves the same purpose as the apachectl script used is a default Apache installation but has a number of extensions:

  • In case of a installer based setup, it also starts/stops any supporting software, such as the optional MySQL database.
  • It case when using the Globule Broker Service, which generates the Apache httpd.conf configuration file for you.

globulectl stop
globulectl start
globulectl restart
globulectl graceful
globulectl configtest
globulectl monitorhost [ logging-server ]
globulectl [ -v ] [ --no-serial ] [ --no-restart ] check
February 27, 2006

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