It cannot hurt adding this to all occurrences, although it is strictly only needed for Globule sections and the URL specified by GlobuleAdminURL.
In this configuration we must have a separate global ServerName, different from the one we will be replicating in this example. This because http://www.revolutionware.net/ is being exported from ``/'' and we had learned that the URL specified by GlobuleAdminURL cannot overlap with an exported origin web-site. If you would only replicate a partial site, one can use just a single hostname.
With HTTP redirection this does not do a lot of good, as new browsing clients cannot be redirected to the replica servers when the origin is down, but this feature will become more valuable with DNS redirection
Note that in the backup server's config below the GlobuleDefaultReplicationPolicy is set to TTL. This is the recommended configuration: it simply means that, should a replica server fetch a document copy from the backup, it would keep its copy for a given duration before trying to revalidate it from the origin or its replica.
Do not use specific names for any other purpose, unless you really know what you are doing! In particular, if one server takes part in the replication of two different sites, then it must have two different specific names, one for each site and these should not be the original (local) hostnames.
If your registrar provides you with a web interface to assign DNS records, the exact syntax may be different. Check your registrar's documentation.
The regular access-logs are also only partially sorted as the timestamp recorded is the start of a web-page transfer, but the access is written into the access-log at the end of the transfer. This interval may already be large, but with the accumulated Globule report-log this interval may be larger.
or ServerName, but these are not user in normal configurations.