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A Single-Homed Ad Hoc Distributed Server

Authors: Michal Szymaniak, Guillaume Pierre, Mariana Simons-Nikolova and Maarten van Steen
Source: Technical report IR-CS-013, Vrije Universiteit, March 2005.


We present ad hoc distributed servers, which are groups of unreliable nodes scattered over a wide-area network that cooperate to create the illusion of being a single reliable server. Maintaining such an illusion requires an ad hoc distributed server to provide stable contact addresses and enable its member nodes to transparently handoff client requests among each other. We propose to implement stable contact addresses and wide-area client handoffs using Mobile IPv6. We demonstrate that the overhead due to contacting the server via its stable contact address can be estimated as the latency between the server's member nodes. The client-perceived handoff time is also shown to be a linear function of the latencies between the client and the member nodes participating in the handoff.


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