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Monitoring in Globule

Author: Maarten Sander
Source: Masters thesis, Vrije Universiteit, July 2006.


This thesis presents a flexible framework for building complex monitoring systems. The system architecture is based on the pipes and filters, allowing one to create a complex monitor from many smaller components. This allows for great flexibility, since modifications to the monitor generally affect very few components. The flexibility of the framework, however, comes at a cost: it is possible to incorrectly connect components and create invalid pipelines. As part of the monitoring framework, we introduce a simple way of validating pipelines based on the observation that pipelines can be represented as directed graphs. Finally, this thesis introduces what-if analysis for Globule. What-if analysis allows an administrator to find the optimal configuration of a website given a certain traffic, without modifying the configuration of the actual server. Such analysis can become a valuable tool for system administrators to better understand the behavior of a complex system such as Globule.


* The thesis, in PDF (1,149,525 bytes).

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