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Towards Autonomic Hosting of Multi-Tier Internet Applications

Authors: Swaminathan Sivasubramanian, Guillaume Pierre, Maarten van Steen.
Source: First Workshop on Autonomic Computing, June 2006.


Large scale e-commerce enterprises like Yahoo and Amazon use complex software systems made of hundreds of Internet services to serve content to millions of clients. These services are multi-tiered Web applications that perform certain business logic and are exposed through well-defined client interfaces usually accessible over the network. A constant challenge faced by these organizations is to host these services in a scalable fashion to meet performance goals. A vast amount of research has been done by the community on caching and replication solutions that aim to improve performance of a service by addressing the bottlenecks at its different tiers (e.g., database and presentation tiers). However, different techniques are suited for different kinds of services and it is not easy for an administrator to choose the best set of techniques for a given service. Our position in this paper is as follows: We believe that the decision process of choosing the right techniques for a service requires analysis of service and workload at each tier and that to a large extent this process can be automated. To strengthen our position, we propose the design of an autonomic hosting system that uses a combination of multi queue models and online simulations to achieve our goals. Even though our work is very much in progress, we believe the techniques used in our system can provide a good start in taming the complex problem of scalable hosting of services.


* The paper, in PDF (115,407 bytes).
* See also: the tech report version of this paper
* See also: a public review of this paper, by Jeff Kephart (IBM Watson).

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