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Available distributions

Globule it subject to a BSD-style license. It is distributed in source and binary form for Unix/Linux and Windows. In addition, we also redistribute versions of the Apache server that are known to work with Globule.

Full software installers:

This is the recommended way to install Globule. Using our installers, you will get a full install of all the necessary software (including Apache, PHP, etc.).

Unix/Linux installer 1.3.2: [ SH | Installation instructions ]
Microsoft Windows XP installer 1.3.2: [ EXE | Installation instructions ]

The bare Globule module:

Installation from source or from RPM is not the recommended option. However, it may be useful in a number of special cases such as if you want to add replication features to an already existing Apache installation, you have a minimalistic system without compilers or you want to rely on installation paths or packaging methodology of your system. Beware however that this installation procedure is significantly more complicated than using the full software installers.
Globule-1.3.2 (source): [ TGZ | ASC | ChangeLog ]
Globule-1.3.2 (i386-linux binary in .tar.gz format): [ TGZ | ASC ]
Globule-1.3.2 (i386-linux binary for installation with existing Apache): [ RPM | SRPM | SPEC ]
Globule-1.3.2 (i386-linux binary for parallel installation in /usr/local/globule): [ RPM | SRPM | SPEC ]
Globule-1.3.2 (i386-linux binary Apache and Globule combined with DNS redirection enabled): [ RPM | SRPM | SPEC ]


Apache-2.0.58 (source): [ TGZ ]
Apache-2.0.58 (i386-linux binary for installation over existing Apache): [ RPM | SPEC ]
Apache-2.0.58 (i386-linux binary for parallel installation in /usr/local/globule): [ RPM | SPEC ]

The Globule Broker Service:

This is the software we use to run the Globule broker service. Most users do not need to install this, as anyone is most welcome to use our broker. We simply provide this code in the hope that someone will decide to setup another broker and compete with ours ;-)

GBS-1.0:      [ Source (tar.gz) | Installation instructions (txt) | Programmer's manual (pdf) ]

Checking Distribution Authenticity

You can verify the authenticity of these downloads using GnuPG or compatible crypto software and our public key for software verification (also available from Verification is done as follows:
* For a tar.gz:
  1. Download our public key for software verification.
  2. Import the key into your keyring:
    gpg --import globule-pubkey.asc
  3. Download the .tar.gz and its associated .tar.gz.asc file.
  4. Do
    gpg --verify mod-globule-XXX-tar.gz.asc
  5. It should write: `Good signature from "Globule group of the Vrije Universiteit (Amsterdam, the Netherlands) <>"'.
* For an RPM:
  1. Download our public key for software verification.
  2. Import the key into your RPM database:
    rpm --import globule-pubkey.asc
  3. Download the RPM.
  4. Install the RPM. The rpm program will automatically verify the authenticity.
  5. Alternatively, you can verify the authenticity autonomously using
    rpm --checksig mod-globule-XXX.i386.rpm

Next Step: Installing and Configuring

* Please, read the installation documentation.
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