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GlobeCBC: Content-blind Result Caching for Dynamic Web Applications

Authors: Swaminathan Sivasubramanian, Guillaume Pierre, Maarten van Steen and Gustavo Alonso.
Source: Technical report IR-CS-022, Vrije Universiteit, June 2006.

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In this paper, we present GlobeCBC, a content-blind query caching middleware for hosting Web applications in an edge computing infrastructure. Unlike existing data caching middleware systems, GlobeCBC stores the query results independently and does not merge different query results. We study the potential performance of this approach using extensive experimentations on our prototype implementation and compare it with other systems over an emulated wide-area network. Our evaluations show that content-blind caching performs well in terms of client latency for applications that exhibit high locality. It allows the system to sustain higher throughput by offloading the origin server database. We also present the design and evaluation of different online cache replacement algorithms for edge servers that have limited resource capabilities. In our evaluations, we find that the best heuristic must exploit temporal locality and take into account the query execution cost simultaneously.


* The tech report, in PDF (219,475 bytes).

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