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Performance Analysis of a Flash-Crowd Management System

Author: Reinoud Esser
Source: Masters thesis, Vrije Universiteit, August 2006.


Flash-crowds are a growing obstacle to the further expansion of the Internet. One of the solutions to this problem is to replicate the most popular documents to different web servers and to redirect client requests to these replicas. In this thesis we present a performance analysis of a flash-crowd management system based on RaDaR. We adjust the architecture of RaDaR to focus more on adaptability rather than scalability, to give the system a better chance against a flash-crowd by using algorithms from another system by the same authors, ACDN. Because existing benchmarks do not show realistic behavior, we first propose our own synthetic benchmark. Finally we use the benchmark tool to replay requests from a trace of an actual flash-crowd.

Our results are three-fold: first we show how to dimension a RaDaR-like system. Second, we demonstrate based on a synthetic benchmark as well as a trace-based benchmark that the RaDaR-like system adjusts to a flash-crowd in a timely and efficient fashion. Finally, we identify an inherent instability in the replica placement and request distribution algorithms that handle offloading.

Keywords: flash-crowd, performance analysis, benchmark, RaDaR.


* The thesis, in PDF (558,591 bytes).

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