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Versatile Anycasting with Mobile IPv6

Authors: Michal Szymaniak, Guillaume Pierre, Maarten van Steen.
Source: Proceedings of the International AAA-IDEA Workshop, October 2006.


Anycasting was introduced to facilitate efficient communication between distributed Internet services and their clients, as it allows client requests to be automatically routed to nearby service instances. However, even though several anycast implementations have been proposed, their various limitations prevent them from being widely adopted by large-scale distributed systems.

This paper identifies the key limitations of existing anycast implementations, and proposes how to implement anycast such that all these limitations are addressed without harming the performance of anycast communication. Our solution relies on address-translation capabilities present in modern operating systems. These capabilities have originally been designed for communication with mobile nodes. However, we demonstrate that one can exploit them to implement versatile anycasting at low cost.


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