Border Gateway Protocol Modeling and Simulation

Author: Maciej Wojciechowski
Source: Masters thesis, Vrije Universiteit, July 2008.


Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is de facto the only inter-domain routing protocol of the Internet. Although the protocol is reasonably simple, due to the size of its current deployment many anomalies can be observed. Such anomalies are for example very long convergence time or path haunting. Some techniques (e.g., like route flap damping) have been applied to tackle the observed problems but they have side-effects that were not anticipated before. There is still a strong need for better BGP protocol understanding.

In this thesis we present a new, ambitious approach to BPG simulation. Instead of focusing on intra-domain communication, network and protocol are highly abstracted in order to allow for large-scale simulation. We describe our model of the BGP protocol along with its implementation. The implementation is validated in order to show to what extent our model resembles the real-world. Many tracks of future research are shown as well as many possible uses of this kind of approach to BGP simulation.


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