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Netairt: A Flexible Redirection System for Apache

Authors: Michal Szymaniak, Guillaume Pierre and Maarten van Steen.
Source: In Proceedings of the IADIS International Conference on WWW/Internet, Algarve, Portugal, November 2003.


In this paper, we present NetAirt - a redirection system that separates redirection mechanisms from redirection policies. NetAirt is implemented in the form of a module for Apache. We propose a few changes to the original Apache source code that enable Apache to service UDP datagrams, and show how we exploit these changes in the NetAirt implementation. Performance measurements prove that the overhead introduced by the redirection mechanisms is low compared to the overall name resolution time.

Keywords: Redirection, DNS, Apache, Autonomous Systems.


* The paper, in PDF (195,063 bytes).

See Also

* The Globule project implements the ideas described in this paper.

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