Technical Challenges in Market-Driven Automated Service Provisioning

Authors: Anna Chmielowiec , Guillaume Pierre, Jaap Gordijn and Maarten van Steen.
Source: Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop on Middleware for Service Oriented Computing, December 2008.


In today's practice, we see readily precomposed commercial service bundles, such as a spam-free email box, consisting of more elementary services like mail storage and a spam-filter. However, these bundles may be suboptimal from the customer's perspective in terms of price and/or the elementary services that constitute the bundle. It would be advantageous to the customer if a service bundle more closely fulfilled the customer's individual requirements, by selecting the most appropriate elementary services included in the bundle. Also, by obtaining the bundle from a consortium of suppliers, rather than just one single supplier, the elementary services of each supplier with the best cost/benefit ratio can be selected. To put this vision into reality, we need middleware facilitating the automated composition of multisupplier bundles out of basic commercial services available online. We take the stand that the business nature of commercial services imposes leading requirements on the technical design of the middleware. Most importantly, the middleware should be fair in the sense that no single supplier obtains a preferred position in terms of service selection to satisfy a specific customer need. Also, the middleware should be able to deal with alternative services as offered by many competing suppliers, not to speak about the combinatoric explosion, resulting from combining the available services into candidate services bundles. We present a list of problems to be solved to arrive at middleware for multi-supplier service selection, bundling and provisioning. Also, we review existing work, usable to build a fair and efficient middleware solution for commercial service provisioning.


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