A Versatile Anycast Framework for Distributed Servers

Author: Willem van Duijn
Source: Masters thesis, Vrije Universiteit, February 2008.


The use of a single server in client-service based services imposes limitations in sustainable load and availability guarantees. Within a distributed server, clients are distributed over multiple servers, disseminating the load. However, traditional mechanisms to distribute clients are seriously limited in functionality or scalability, and impose restrictions on the application. Versatile Anycast is a new mechanism that offers great flexibility, but is difficult to use. This thesis discusses the requirements for a versatile framework, allowing one to build transparent distributed servers without additional complexity over traditional, single-node servers. Additionally, the framework allows one to handover a client in mid-connection, allowing a wide range of new applications. The proposed framework has been implemented, and an example distributed server build using the framework has been successfully deployed on Grid'5000, an experimental grid platform.


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