Dynamically Selecting Optimal Distribution Strategies for Web Documents

Authors: Guillaume Pierre, Maarten van Steen and Andrew S. Tanenbaum.
Source: IEEE Transactions on Computers, vol. 51(6), June 2002.


To improve the scalability of the Web it is common practice to apply caching and replication techniques. Numerous strategies for placing and maintaining multiple copies of Web documents at several sites have been proposed. These approaches essentially apply a global strategy by which a single family of protocols is used to keep copies mutually consistent. We propose a more flexible approach by allowing each document to have its own associated strategy, leading to self-replicating documents. Using a trace-driven simulation, we show that assigning an optimal strategy to each document separately outperforms any global strategy. We propose an architecture for supporting self-replicating documents, and evaluate its feasibility using a prototype implementation running in an emulated Internet environment.


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