Guillaume Pierre
Univ Rennes, Inria, CNRS, IRISA
Leader of the Myriads research team
Campus universitaire de Beaulieu
263 Avenue du Général Leclerc – Bât 12
35042 Rennes cedex
ORCID: 0000-0003-1418-8174
Tel: +33 2 99 84 25 20
Office: F229
My research activities take place within the Myriads team in the INRIA/IRISA lab.

I am the coordinator of the H2020 FogGuru project which aims at training the next generation of European Fog computing experts. We will design application resource management technologies, middlewares for easing the development of innovative applications and application blueprints, thereby providing tangible benefits to the European citizens.

Main research topics

 Cloud computing
 Fog computing
 Large-scale distributed systems
 Scalable web application hosting
 Peer-to-peer systems

DiPET project

The DiPET project investigates distributed data stream processing on fog and edge systems via transprecise computing.

Older projects

 HARNESS (2012-2016): heterogeneous cloud platforms
 ConPaaS (2010-2017): integrated runtime for elastic cloud applications
 Contrail (2010-2013): an open-source Cloud computing platform
 CloudTPS (2008-2012): scalable transactional data stores
 Resource provisioning (2008-2012) for complex Web applications in the Cloud
 Decentralized Wikipedia (2008-2011): a better way to host Wikipedia

Recent publications

Potable Water Management with integrated Fog computing and LoRaWAN technologies. Hamidreza Arkian, Dimitrios Giouroukis, Paulo Souza Junior and Guillaume Pierre. IEEE IoT Newsletter, March 2020.
Docker Container Deployment in Distributed Fog Infrastructures with Checkpoint/Restart. Arif Ahmed, Apoorve Mohan, Gene Cooperman and Guillaume Pierre. In Proceedings of the IEEE Mobile Cloud Computing conference, April 2020.
A systematic approach towards security in Fog computing: assets, vulnerabilities, possible countermeasures. Mozhdeh Farhari, Jean-Louis Lanet, Guillaume Pierre and Daniele Miorandi. Software: Practice and Experience 50(6):973-997, Wiley. June 2020.
An Experiment-Driven Performance Model of Stream Processing Operators in Fog Computing Environments. Hamidreza Arkian, Guillaume Pierre, Johan Tordsson and Erik Elmroth. In Proceedings of the ACM/SIGAPP Symposium on Applied Computing (SAC), April 2020.
FogDocker: Start Container Now, Fetch Image Later. Lorenzo Civolani, Guillaume Pierre and Paolo Bellavista. In Proceedings of the IEEE/ACM UCC Conference, December 2019.


Current and former PhD students

Hamid Reza Arkian (since 2018, co-supervised with Erik Elmroth)
Mulugeta Ayalew Tamiru (since 2018, co-supervised with Erik Elmroth)
Mozhdeh Farhadi (since 2018, co-supervised with Daniele Miorandi)
Paulo Souza Junior (since 2018, co-supervised with Daniele Miorandi)
Ali Jawad Fahs (since 2017)
Arif Ahmed (2016-2020, now at Ericsson)
Anca Iordache (2013-2016, now at Docker)
Wei Zhou (2007-2012, now at
Dejun Jiang (2007-2012, now at the Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Guido Urdaneta (2006-2010, co-supervised with Maarten van Steen, now at Google)
Michal Szymaniak (2002-2007, co-supervised with Maarten van Steen, now at InfraDepot)
Swaminathan Sivasubramanian (2002-2007, co-supervised with Maarten van Steen, now at Amazon Web Services)


My teaching takes place at ISTIC, the department of Computer Science and Electronics of the University of Rennes 1.

Cloud Computing and Services

I am the coordinator of the international Master's program in Cloud Computing and Services. This program – delivered entirely in English – prepares future professionals and researchers with an advanced course program on Cloud Computing and related technologies, together with a unique hands-on experience in technological innovation and entrepreneurship.

My courses

 SYS: systèmes d'exploitation (L3 info)
 SINF: systèmes informatiques (L3 MIAGE)
 ST: service technologies (M1 CCS)
 DS: distributed systems (M1 Info+CCS)
 TLC: Développement logiciel pour le cloud (M2 IL)
 ASI: Advanced Cloud Computing Infrastructures (M2 CCS+SINF)