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  • The HARNESS Platform: A Hardware-and Network-Enhanced Software System for Cloud Computing. Jose G.F. Coutinho, Mark Stillwell, Katerina Argyraki, George Ioannidis, Anca Iordache, Christoph Kleineweber, Alexandros Koliousis, John Mcglone, Guillaume Pierre, Carmelo Ragusa, Peter Sanders, Thorsten Schütt, Teng Yu and Alexander Wolf. In Software Architecture for Big Data and the Cloud, edited by Ivan Mistrik, Rami Bahsoon, Nour Ali, Maritta Heisel and Bruce Maxim. Elsevier, 2017.
  • Enforcing Fairness in Asynchronous Collaborative Environments. Guillaume Pierre and Maarten van Steen. In Handbook of Research on P2P and Grid Systems for Service-Oriented Computing: Models, Methodologies and Applications, edited by Nick Antonopoulosa, Georgios Exarchakosa, Maozhen Lib and Antonio Liottac. IGI Global publisher, 2010.
  • Replicating for Performance: Case Studies. Maarten van Steen and Guillaume Pierre. In Replication — Theory and Practice, edited by Bernadette Charron-Bost, Fernando Pedone and André Schiper. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 5959, February 2010.
  • From Web Servers to Ubiquitous Content Delivery. Guillaume Pierre, Maarten van Steen, Michal Szymaniak and Swaminathan Sivasubramanian. In Global Data Management, edited by R. Baldoni, G. Cortese, F. Davide and A. Melpignano. IOS Press, ISBN 1-58603-629-7, July 2006.

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