Zero-Day Reconciliation of BitTorrent Users With Their ISPs

Authors: Marco Slot, Paolo Costa and Guillaume Pierre and Vivek Rai.
Source: Proceedings of the Euro-Par Conference, August 2009.


BitTorrent users and consumer ISPs are often pictured as having opposite interests, with end-users aggressively trying to improve their download times, while ISPs throttle this traffic to reduce their costs. However, inefficiencies in both download time and quantity of long-distance traffic originate in BitTorrent randomly selecting peers to interact with. We show that biasing the link selection allows one to reduce both median download times by up to 32% and long-distance traffic by up to 16%. This optimization can be deployed by modifying only the BitTorrent trackers. No external infrastructure nor specialized client-side software deployment is necessary, thereby facilitating the adoption of our technique.


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