Towards Robust and Scalable Peer-to-Peer Social Networks

Authors: Alexandra Olteanu and Guillaume Pierre.
Source: Proceedings of the 5th Workshop on Social Network Systems (SNS) , Bern, Switzerland, April 2012.


Peer-to-peer Online Social Networks (OSNs) promise to combine the functionalities of centralized OSNs with the good properties of peer-to-peer systems. However, in time, the number of connections between users of OSNs grows super-linearly in the number of users: the average node degree increases with the overall system size. In large-scale settings, mapping each friendship relation into an overlay link will thus overwhelm popular nodes. We propose simple techniques to build and maintain the peer-to-peer OSN overlay while significantly shifting node degrees towards lower ranges. We evaluate our algorithms using real large-scale datasets, and show that they can disseminate information efficiently while controlling node degrees, even in the presence of high churn.


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